donderdag 20 maart 2014

The results are beautiful!

It has been a few weeks since I have blogged the blossom tutorial and a lot of nice things have happened!
I did not expect there would be such a big interest so I was in for quite a surprise.
Now and then I receive pictures or links from people who made them. 
I also found pictures on Flickr, Pinterest or Facebook. 
There are very beautiful jewelry made, each different and for me that's the most beautiful thing to see.
So what have YOU made?
Take a look!

There are lots of poppies made but still all poppies are different.

These are the poppies made by Kristi from Russia, the earrings are a nice addition.

These are the poppies made by Noly from Spain. 
On her blog she shows her trial and error that came to this beautiful necklace.

These poppies were made by Iris from Romania
Iris combined the poppies with black crystal drops and maybe I'm wrong but did she use translucent clay?

These flowers are made by Galina Teneta.
This beautiful bunch can make a stunning necklace.
She made the hearts of the flowers white, which I love.

These blossoms are also made by Iris from Romania.
This time she used white and different shades of purple. 

These beautiful softly colored blossoms are made by Tunde Vass also from Romania.
These look particularly fragile. She calls the necklace Temptation. I understand!

This is Elena Kishinskaya's first go and I think they turned out quite nice.
From the picture I can't tell whether she colored the edges or the direct heat from the oven colored them, either way it gives them a nutty feel which can be used perfectly.

This stunning necklace is made by Tanya Mayorova.
It's a perfect fall/winter necklace.
I love the colors and the stringing on the multiple strands.
She colored the edges that gives them a nice touch.

This is the work of Cecilia Leonini from Italy
Cecilia took the tutorial and evolved it.
She made it her own as she used her style and came up with these.
Cecilia put the flowers made with different colors and sizes on a branch to form this necklace.

And then Cecilia came up with the idea of giving the flowers petals by layering the petals on the cotton ball
and adding a second layer of smaller petals. 

Svetlana Mironova from Russia took another different approach. 
She made pointy petals with all kinds of colors.
These remind me a bit of wild tulips.

Anne Idril Rohee Briere made this necklace with beautiful colors.

Polycat from France made this necklace and used rolled clay for the hearts and warm colors.

These are the beautiful necklaces of Anna Bragin from Russia

There are new photo's, they are still coming! 

These photo's are send by Rissi Risi.
She made matching earrings and I especially like the vibrant orange one!

And here are the headpins made by Beth Petricoin
She made headpins for a bead soup swap that made the receiver very happy.
I love the translucency of the headpins and also the soup around it. 
This soup will make a beautiful piece of jewelry! 

This is a necklace made by Natalja Ivankova. 
She used delicate colors and combined them with a delicate rose.

This necklace is made by Natasha Golosova in beautiful green shades and copper findings.
The earrings are made with different shades of blue which give them a very cool touch!

Didn't I include your picture? 
That doesn't mean I'm not interested or didn't wanted to.
I probably haven't seen them or you haven't given me the permission for the use of your photo's.
So send them, I would love to see them!

And now something completely different. 
Next week I'm going to start my own little project.
A Polymer Clay Ring a Week.
I know it's not the most original project but I do have a thing with rings so I'm going to start anyway!
So the next blog post will be the first ring.
Maybe with the tutorial....

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  1. gracias a ti por ese fantástico tutorial

  2. Thank you very much for sharing your tuto and for gathering the results)))