donderdag 4 juni 2015

dinsdag 14 april 2015

Ring tutorial

Today I posted a new message on the Craftliners blog.
It's a small ring tutorial.
It is written in Dutch but if you use a translator you probably can figure it out.
If not, just message me!

dinsdag 24 maart 2015

Millefiori beads in white and blue

Today I posted a new message on the Craftliners blog.
I made millefiori beads in white and different shades of blue.
Check the tutorial out at the Craftliners blog!

vrijdag 28 november 2014

Torn clay

Today I posted a blogpost for Craftliners.
It's a little 'how to' for these earrings.
You can check it out here!

maandag 10 november 2014

Polymer clay stamped cuff.

I just added my latest post for the Craftliners blog.
This time it's a little tutorial to make this stamped cuff.

First I made a template.
On the thickest setting I prepared a sheet of white clay.

I colored the sheet with 3 colors alcohol ink and let it dry for a few minutes.
Then I stamped the sheet with different leave stamps.
The black ink is Versafine.

I let it dry for about an hour and then I covered the stamped sheet with a
layer of very very thin translucent clay.

I place the sheet on a jar that fits my wrist perfectly and placed the template.
I cut around the template with an exacto knife and place it in the oven.

After baking I sanded and buffed the cuff but I wasn't happy with the results.
So I varnished the piece 3 times with a heat setting varnish.

woensdag 5 november 2014

2 Tutorials featured in 'From Polymer to Art' new editions!

Today a special edition 'From Polymer to Art' is launched at the Kreadoe in Utrecht.
This special edition is written in Dutch and all projects are made with FIMO.
The edition is packed with easy to follow tutorials so even when you can't read Dutch you are able 
to follow the instructions.
On page 18 you will find my project 'Ombre'.
Have fun!

From Polymer to Art Triangles will be in stores by friday. 
Double the fun!

Another issue loaded with tutorials and great articles. 
On page 26 you will find the tutorial 'Connecting triangles' that shows you how to make this bracelet.

Online store and list of foreign distributors;

Happy Claydays!

dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Fall ring and wearability

Fall has arrived in The Netherlands so the search for beautiful mushrooms and miniature gardens has begun.
I love these autumnal walks in the woods, the light and colors are beautiful this time of year.
And I can't help the fact I just LOVE mushrooms!
So these walks are very inspiring to me.
This time it inspired me to make this statement ring.

The base of the ring is a variation on the blossom tutorial made to look more like a chestnut. 
The ring itself is made from a simple gold filled wire.
Three mushrooms are rising from the moss and a few drops of resin are added for the illusion of water. 

"Can you wear this?"
Now I understand this is not the ring to wear to work. I will wear this ring because I like huge rings and I'm not afraid of breaking things and therefore I can. I like to explore and to create without giving myself any limitations such as wearability. As a result I have designed a lot of things that are solely wearable when you are planning to sit still for the whole event. When I create something that even I feel is not wearable well it just has to look fabulous lying around somewhere so I can look at it. Wearability or usability is not my goal when I sit at my worktable. I feel the best thing of working with polymer clay or in fact any medium is the exploring and creating part. For me the end product has to appeal to me, has to represent the journey and the feeling of me making it. If the end product is wearable or usable that's great, if not that's great too. So this makes me wonder, what is your take on creating and wearability (or usability)? 
Please leave your thoughts...

I originally designed the ring for Craftliners blog and you can find the tutorial here.

donderdag 2 oktober 2014

Clay Zentangle

I love making polymer clay texture plates. 
I prefer to use just one color so it is all about the textures.
It's my way of zentangling or doodling with clay.
I start with a color and a plain canvas, no planning involved. 
Next I will doodle a polymer clay book cover.

zondag 21 september 2014

dinsdag 26 augustus 2014

The last of summer?

 Today a new mini tutorial on the craftliners blog!

Make all kinds of variations, it's very easy!

zondag 10 augustus 2014

Back to basic, a project for those who want to give polymer clay a try!

Blogged for Craftliners.
This is a project for those who want to try polymer clay or just started to work with polymer clay.
Two different striped beads, basic striped cane and working with colored translucent clay.
Easy to follow!

donderdag 17 juli 2014

A ring tutorial published in From Polymer to Art

These rings I especially designed for a tutorial 
that is published in the magazine From Polymer To Art.
The july edition called Squares is available now!
This issue is packed with tutorials and very talented artists so I'm very proud to be in it.
On page 33 you will find my ring tutorial called 'Wear it Squared'.
 Go get it and let me know what you think!

For more information, distributors, retailers, online issues and subscriptions:

zondag 6 juli 2014

zaterdag 31 mei 2014

Layering with Cernit

Bangle made with gold foil, alcohol ink and translucent Cernit.
Blogged for the Craftliners blog.

donderdag 15 mei 2014

As expected it has happened, I have a copycat, isn't she a beauty?

Well as expected it has happened.
The blossom tutorial got copied and made public by the website 
The tutorial written or let's say copied by someone called Rusalina. 
I understand this tutorial I made isn't the most innovative and I posted it on my blog for free 
(which means you're not taking away my food from the table), 
that doesn't mean I have to put up with the fact you're taking the credits, 
are unresponsive on my e-mails, 
and deleting all of my messages. 
So here goes: 
I hope Rusalina you develop your own style 
(give credit to those who deserve it) 
and the decency to respond to messages and e-mails because for now you SUCK! 

With that said I do feel I need to thank you.
apparently I wrote a tutorial good enough to copy,
 so in a strange way
you have credited me even though you didn't wanted to.

dinsdag 6 mei 2014

It's a rainy day!

I made this necklace for the monthly Facebook challenge .
This months theme Hollow Beads.
Today was very cloudy so I turned it into something you should not take to serious, just for the fun of it.

zaterdag 26 april 2014

maandag 24 maart 2014