dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Fall ring and wearability

Fall has arrived in The Netherlands so the search for beautiful mushrooms and miniature gardens has begun.
I love these autumnal walks in the woods, the light and colors are beautiful this time of year.
And I can't help the fact I just LOVE mushrooms!
So these walks are very inspiring to me.
This time it inspired me to make this statement ring.

The base of the ring is a variation on the blossom tutorial made to look more like a chestnut. 
The ring itself is made from a simple gold filled wire.
Three mushrooms are rising from the moss and a few drops of resin are added for the illusion of water. 

"Can you wear this?"
Now I understand this is not the ring to wear to work. I will wear this ring because I like huge rings and I'm not afraid of breaking things and therefore I can. I like to explore and to create without giving myself any limitations such as wearability. As a result I have designed a lot of things that are solely wearable when you are planning to sit still for the whole event. When I create something that even I feel is not wearable well it just has to look fabulous lying around somewhere so I can look at it. Wearability or usability is not my goal when I sit at my worktable. I feel the best thing of working with polymer clay or in fact any medium is the exploring and creating part. For me the end product has to appeal to me, has to represent the journey and the feeling of me making it. If the end product is wearable or usable that's great, if not that's great too. So this makes me wonder, what is your take on creating and wearability (or usability)? 
Please leave your thoughts...

I originally designed the ring for Craftliners blog and you can find the tutorial here.

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